About us

Karsai Hargita Plast Ltd belongs to the Karsai Plastic Holding group (Szekesfehervar, Hungary), which has nearly 30 years experience in the domain of plastic processing. The Karsai group has 8 subsidiary companiesĀ  in 2 country of Europe (Hungary, Romania), which ensureĀ  an efficient product structure.

Karsai Hargita Plast Ltd started its activity in 1998 in Vlahita (HR, Romania). The main activity of our company is the production of plastic packagings for cosmetics, food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry with the method of injection moulding, injection blowing, press air forming, extrusion.

The basic principle of the company is to uncover the real and hidden demands of the costumers, to introduce new technologies and to develope the most efficient production system. Quality has high priority at Karsai Hargita Plast and it is guaranteedĀ  by the ISO 9001/2015 assurance standards.