Plastics injection
Injection technology is a manufacturing method that can produce complex plastic products in a large amount and with great precision.  That’s why, our company is characterized by the manufacture of products to be assembled from two or more pieces.

Blow molding

With this processing technology, we can produce bottles with different capacities. During this process, a so-called preform is formed which is positioned between the two mold members. After mold closure, the preform is blown with high pressure air to form the desired product shape.

PET bottle blowing

Almost every day are we keeping PET bottles in our hands. The use of PET bottles in all areas is due to the fact that the particles in the packaging do not migrate into products. The bottles are blown from preheated preforms. Bottle shapes are very varied depending on customer wishes.

It is the technology of processing the plastic foiles hot. The heated foil is processed with the pressure inside the mold. Thermoforming offers low tolerances, detailed shapes, copying the shape of the mold cavity.

It is a continuous method of processing plastics. With this method of processing from raw material (granules), dyes and additional materials, can be produced foils, plates, profiles, pipes.

Offset printing
Offset printing is the classic way in which a graphic proiect done on a computer is converted to the final printed place.